Graphic charter

Would you like to promote DANIVAL or DANIVAL products:
- in your marketing brochure
- in your catalogue
- or on your store website
Do you need any sample visuals of the DANIVAL graphic charter ?

We would like to invite you to view the graphic elements below and to send us the list of visual samples you need via this form. Our team will send you the graphic elements by email.
Logo Danival - format jpgWeb quality DANIVAL Logo
Logo Danival - format pngHigh quality DANIVAL Logo
Identité visuelle DanivalLe livre de norme pour l'utilisation du logo DANIVAL
The entire DANIVAL Pro website and more generally website, the tree structure, texts, logos, photos representations, downloadable documents and all the components on this website constitutes a protected work by the intellectual property law.

The access to the PRO website gives the distributor just a right of consultation and use of information and materials available on the PRO website for the exclusive purpose to promote DANIVAL products.

See full terms and conditions.
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